Welcome from the Trust Leader

I am proud to introduce you to University Schools Trust (UST), a group of incredible schools providing an excellent education that is derived from exceptional teaching and learning.

We were founded on the premise of transformation through partnership

We began as a unique partnership of six world-leading universities and other sector-leading bodies, supporting our shared vision of inclusive, high-quality and transformational education delivered by schools which are deeply rooted in the communities they serve.

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Gillian Kemp
Trust Leader

Our Schools

About University Schools Trust

Achieving Excellence through Transformational Education that Empowers Communities.

UST is a partnership of schools, universities, and public and private sector bodies. We are uniquely placed to change the educational landscape for the pupils, staff, parents and wider communities whom we serve.

A key strength of the Trust is its Trustees, appointed from our world leading and internationally renowned University Partners, and from key organisations in both the charitable and statutory sectors.

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Vision and Values

Our overriding purpose as a Multi-Academy Trust is driven by our vision and values.

Vision: Where collaboration breeds transformation

Guided by and working with our Trust Partners:
The Trust is a family of inclusive schools where collaborative partnerships deliver a transformational education which empowers our pupils and the communities they come from to realise their full potential.

A culture of high expectations nurtures a drive to achieve excellence and to take ownership of future academic and vocational learning paths in order to equip our pupils as global citizens and inspire their communities.

Values: The UST Guarantee

Achieving Excellence through Transformational Education that Empowers Communities.

Achieving Excellence:

The Trust inspires each member of our learning community to be ambitious, to realise their potential and to succeed academically and vocationally.

Transformational Education:

The Trust ensures that the dynamic curricula and pastoral offers of our schools are enriched by the civic leadership and research from our university, public and private Trust partners.

Empowering Communities:

The Trust strives to equip all pupils and staff with the skills to transform their lives, empower communities, and excel in our global society.

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